Monday, August 9, 2010

Shake Shack

08-09 Shake Shack
We usually try and hold off until at least 11:00am before starting to wonder what's for lunch. Today we made it until 11:45am before the question was asked and no sooner had I mentioned wanting something happily satisfying than M. mentioned Shake Shack. Quickly confirming via Shack Cam that a noon lunch might be reasonable, we headed out. The line was bearable, even in the sun, but sadly the shack burger was not so bearable. Have they changed the patty? It was much thicker than normal and had no taste at all, as if a hunk of ground beef been carelessly cooked in a saute pan. What happened to the usual glorious piece of divinely grilled patty? Lunch mission: failure.
Shake Shack, Madison Square Park, NY, NY 10010 (closer to 23rd St)


Andrew in Alabama said...

Too bad about the burgers, but bravo for using both ketchup AND mustard on your fries. Definitely the best way to go, assuming no Milo's sauce is available.

Front Studio said...

Andrew - I've never heard of Milo's! But it's going on the "if we ever do that eating our way across America road trip".