Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parisi Bakery

10-27 Parisi
Once the weather turns cold, we rarely get a rarely ever go to Parisi; the lines tend to be out the door and not friendly to uncomfortable climates. However, being that it's practically t-shirt weather here, we decided to take advantage of it. Their monstrous sandwiches are perfect for sharing and never disappointing.
Parisi Bakery, 198 Mott St, NY NY 10012 (btwn Spring & Broome)


Andrew in Alabama said...

I know it's just a sandwich, but that looks AMAZING. Great photography too.

Front Studio said...

It's pretty darn tasty! Andrew, you're really going to have to come up to NYC one of these days! (or FedEx?)

Matt said...

what is inside of this sandwich?

Front Studio said...

This is the Italian Hero w/ provolone and hot pepper rings. Not exactly sure about the meat distribution but looks like ham, genoa salami?