Friday, November 5, 2010

Barzinho w/ Jim

Yes, it happens.  From time to time - the mandatory lunch photo is entirely forgotten. Lunch in Tribeca is rare, but I realized that my meeting was next door to Jim's office-how convenient.  As it so happens, we are more than ecstatic about our upcoming adventure to Ethiopia, as soon as we sat down, we pulled out our guidebooks and got immersed in conversation.  Excuses aside,   Empty it was not, and I ordered the Feijoada, and he got the Mouceca.  Both were pretty decent and the $10 lunch special portion more than generous (at least the Feijoada). The downside was that the ventilation wasn't great and I stank of oil and garlic as I headed to meet my client. 
Branzinho, 225 West Broadway NY, NY 10013 (btwn White and Franklin)

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