Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Solo lunching at Ippudo is quite a unique experience, the place is packed and bustling and loud. The waiters relish in shouting their irasshaimase and arigatou-gozaimasu greetings and the music is booming. Yet despite all the hubbub, I felt quite peaceful in my own silent bubble of hot ramen. It was a particularly tasty bubble today.
Ippudo, 65 Fourth Ave, NY, NY 10003 (btwn 9th and 10th)


Andrew in Alabama said...

I used to be really paranoid about solo dining, but now I really look forward to the times that I can just soak in the atmosphere of a place and blend into the background.

That ramen looks really good too... it always helps when your solo meal is tasty enough to keep you interested.

Front Studio said...

A-in-A, yes me too, I've never been entirely into solo dining but I really enjoyed my meal yesterday. I also cheated and brought a book to read with my delicious ramen. :)