Thursday, January 20, 2011

Parisi Bakery

 One of the things I love about the world is that Torrisi and Parisi can peacefully and (hopefully) profitably co-exist in the same moment. Torrisi is more of the artisan newcomer, making classic Italian-American hoagies with thoughtful panache. But ah old school Parisi is mom and pop at its best. The same family has been making generously sized heros for over a century, they know everyone and say hi to all. And judging from the wait today, Parisi is as busy as it ever was. I walked out with a dopey grin, thinking how pleased I was that we live in a world that so strongly supports both change and tradition.
Parisi Bakery, 198 Mott St, NY NY 10012 (btwn Spring & Broome)

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