Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gahm Mi Oak, with Bionic Bites

Fellow food lover Bionic Bites met us in Ktown for lunch today where we told hilarious stories about the strictness of the Japanese and Koreans when it comes to the proper way to serve and eat food versus the laissez-faire attitude of the Chinese and Vietnamese. In addition to bowls of sullungtang all around, we also ordered, at BB's suggestion, the bindaedduk. If you're traditionally a pajeon fan, the bindaedduk might throw you for a loop as it's a base of ground mung bean and not an egg-flour batter but we quite liked it.
Gahm Mi Oak, 43 W. 32nd St, NY, NY 10001 (near Broadway)

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bionicgrrrl said...

So happy you liked the bindaedduk! It's heavier than pajeon, but it has pork in it. How could you not like it?!