Wednesday, March 16, 2011

4:00pm double cherry pie

03-16 double cherry pie
It's official, we're no longer using the blogspot address, is all you need to remember. Feed settings have not changed and everything seems to be operating the same as before. If you follow through FB or a reader, head over to the site for a look, we've been tweaking things a bit, cleaning it up and adding the now commonplace social media functionality. Nothing major, and no need to fret - the crux of lunchstudio is the same - beautiful photos with short posts each and every working day.
Hill Country Chicken, 1123 Broadway, NY, NY 10010 (at corner of 25th St)

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Cali said...

Congratulations on the new web address and improved functionality and page appearance. It looks really nice!

(BTW, if I ever get to build the dream house I've had in my mind for the last 20+ years, you ladies will be the first to get a call.)

Heh, heh. My verification word is: fatraw. While raw fat is generally pretty repulsive, it's still a very appropriate word for a food blog.