Thursday, March 31, 2011

South China Garden, with Danny and Shawn

03-31 South China Garden 1
We discovered a place today that was so good I'm reluctant to tell you about because I dare not disturb the equilibrium of the place with an influx of diners. For as soon as I tell you about our lunch, you will surely go. My parents mentioned South China Garden a couple weeks ago and then I read this post on lauhound. The place is typical Chinatown but the food is way better. The garlic chicken was moist with a delicate yet crunchy skin that I could have eaten all day. We had a lovely special steamed buffalo carp dish, which comes, as Shawn says, classically prepared with soy sauce, ginger and scallions. Almost every other table ordered this dish. The woman across from Shawn, ordered one just for herself. We shared both dishes along with a plate of salt baked squid and a stir fry of mushrooms, snow peas and greens. They had already run out of the stuffed hot peppers so we know what to try next time.
South China Garden, 22 Elizabeth St, NY, NY 10013 (below Houston)

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