Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Village Voice Choice Eats

03-29 2011 Choice Eats 01
03-29 2011 Choice Eats 02
03-29 2011 Choice Eats 03
03-29 2011 Choice Eats 04
03-29 2011 Choice Eats 05
And now a special departure from our regular twice daily posting to bring you pure food porn from last night's Village Voice Choice Eats. We were late to the event and despite one VIP ticket between the two of us, ended up waiting together as the line wrapped around the block. We switched off, gathering little yummy plates from the Taim Mobile truck, Kimchi Taco and Korilla BBQ. Inside was an overwhelming array of food and the people who love food. I loved the signage above each table, making it especially clear to us initiates who was serving what where. We did not wait in line for the chocolate and eggplant from Del Posto nor did we make it in time for beef belly from Takashi but we did hit enough not-local-to-us spots to feel pretty satiated. We both agree the meatballs from both The Meatball Shop and Motorino were memorable, as was the ice cream snagged on the way out the door from Blue Marble Ice Cream.
photos, in the order from top to bottom: Taim Mobile, The Meatball Shop, Motorino, Dirt Candy and Dressler

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