Friday, April 29, 2011

Ba'al Cafe and Falafel

04-29 Ba'al Cafe
I could have perhaps not tried Ba'al Cafe on the one day M. isn't around for lunch, especially since she noticed it first and her email to me was "yes! yes! yes!". But it couldn't be helped, the place is actually ideal for a quick lunch between errands. The $6 falafel platter is a steal, it comes with 2 sides of your choice and a pretty decent warmed pita. M. will be happy to know we have a good new Middle Eastern option in the 'hood. And as Beale points out, it's a win win location with Grandaisy next door for desserts.
Ba'al Cafe and Falafel, 71 Sullivan St, NY, NY 10012 (above Broome)

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kim said...

I heard about this new Middle Eastern eatery recently, too. How did you like the hummus? How would you compare it to Hoomoos Asli? :) Have a great weekend!