Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Despaña w/ Kristina

06-29 despana
Since Y's been away, I've found myself with even less time for a friendly lunch than I hoped, nor have I had time for a lunch companion.  So when I ran into Kristina (Y's best friend) we said we would meet up for a quick-ish lunch at Depaña since it feels like at least a year since we last properly spoke.  I ordered the Bocadillo Picante, one of my favorites with spicy chorizo.  I wish they would do a half sandwich with soup or salad.  Half the sandwich isn't quite enough, but a full sandwich seems like I'm forcing the last quarter down even though I'm full, and I hate leaving food behind.  So I ate half, and starting to get hungry already.  Good thing I saved the other half for snack. 
Despana, 408 Broome St., NY, NY 10013 (btwn Lafayette and Cleveland Pl) 

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