Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich

06-15 Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli
Because I couldn't make up my mind today, I decided to go browse through the aisles of my favorite neighborhood hardware store for some inspiration first.  It didn't really help me in terms of narrowing down what I was craving, but walking along Broome Street sounded like a good idea, so I ended  up here.  Though it used to be a menu item, I had to special order my sandwich.  Banh mi with just sliced chả lụa.  As long as they are using decent chả lụa, I like this sandwich because you can't screw it up too much w/ bad proportions or overly sweet roast pork.  The same thinking applies for when I order bourbon on the rocks. That, and I might have a slight addiction to chả lụa. 
Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich, 369 Broome Street btwn Elizabeth and Bowery

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