Friday, July 22, 2011

5:42pm nut goodie

07-22 nut goodie
The heat wave is following me! I was in Minneapolis and beyond earlier this week, where the weather was way crazy hot and ridiculously humid. As it started to cool down and become as beautiful as one could imagine, I had to leave to come back to this. That aside, whenever I go away, I try to bring back some local goodies, ideally potato chips, but to be honest I didn't see too many exotic junk food out there.These Nut Goodies were one of the items I spotted in all the vending machines. With a name like that, and the beautiful retro packaging this was a must purchase. The maple flavor is a nice touch to the nuts but it's a bit too sweet for me, at least for today, when all I'm craving is a popcicle. 

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