Friday, July 29, 2011

OK 218 Restaurant

07-29 O K 218
I wanted cheap chinese food over rice, specifically eggs of some sort, and that's what we found at OK 218. This place is always a hustling, we even waited 5 minutes for a table! Granted it's not that big but there was a steady stream of people all throughout lunch. M. ordered what that table over there was eating, a chicken leg over rice with salty cabbage, Hainanese style, although we actually have no idea how to order it again since there was no such thing as Hainanese chicken listed on the English menu.
OK 218 Restaurant, 218 Grand St, NY, NY 10013 (btwn Mott & Elizabeth)


Anonymous said...

That's not Hainanese chicken, that's just regular chicken with ginger & scallons. Just order ginger & scallions chicken i guess.

Greg T said...

I went today and figured out how to order this! There are BBQ X Meats dishes on the menu. BBQ - 2 meats. You can choose your own meat.

So for this chicken, just order BBQ - 1 meat over rice and point to the chicken in the window.