Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Xi'an Famous Foods, with Hong and Jeanny

09-27 Xi'an Famous Foods
Xi'an Famous Foods has been praised by pretty much everyone, from Anthony Bourdain to Food in Mouth to the NY Times, so I won't say much. Except, well, if you don't know, the basic story is that Xi'an (named after a famous Chinese capital city) started out in a food court in Flushing, got "discovered", and now has 3 locations in Manhattan. They serve hand-pulled noodles and lamb cumin burgers in styrofoam containers with minimal fuss. The Bayard location, the only one with a substantial number of seats (30!) opened this past spring and we finally went today. My lunch compatriots all ordered the popular "A1" Liang-Pi, while I opted for hot noodles and the cold tiger vegetables salad *delicious*! It gets pretty spicy by the end, all the noodles swimming around in spiciness. But the burn is worth it.
Xi'an Famous Foods, 67 Bayard St, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Elizabeth and Mott)

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