Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Wing Wong, with Hong

10-03 Big Wing Wong
In today's episode of "When was the last time we are here", M. guessed 8 months ago for Big Wing Wong but turns out it was more like a little over a year. In 2009 we didn't go at all since the now defunct Fu Kee was our go to source for noodle soups and congee. Well Big Wing Wong, while we still mourn the loss of Fu Kee, we're back for congee so piping hot it's still bubbling up when it reaches the table. Although maybe you could improve on the quality of your youtiao as it came out cold and greasy. And go easy on the amount of meat in the congee. But please don't change the loud hustle bustle of the dining room, we like that.
Big Wing Wong, 102 Mott St, NY, NY 10013 (btwn Hester and Canal)


Andrew in Alabama said...

This photo has inspired me. I am planning a lazy Saturday filled with cooking and college football viewing. I want to emulate this dish.

I have a good, reliable recipe for Chinese-style roast pork, but I am in need of a good recipe for Chinese-style chicken broth. Any suggestions?

Front Studio said...

You might be the only southerner in Alabama who's going to spend Saturday watching football and making Chinese noodle soup!

I always make a Vietnamese chicken stock, which uses nuoc mam (fish sauce) but I think it's the addition of ginger to the stock that makes it more Asian-style. I like Steamy Kitchen's recipes, you could try this one, although I never have: