Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ditch Plains, with Nicky and Scott

11-01 Ditch Plains 3 11-01 Ditch Plains 5 An unprecedented two photo post, but only because Nicky has been dying to be featured on the blog and I couldn't just leave you with just a photo of her seafood cobb salad when Scott's grilled cheese was looking so tempting. For the full scope, you can see the sloppy joe I had (yum), the very yummy shrimp po'boy that Scott recommended and M ordered, the french fries shared by all or the taffy that came with the check. I'm finding Ditch Plains an increasingly nice place to meet people for lunch, there is always a table or two free, the menu is extensive and the service exceedingly cheery. Ditch Plains, 29 Bedford St, NY, NY 10014 (at Downing St)

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Nicola Twilley said...

At last! I can die happy! (But hopefully not before we do it again...)