Friday, December 16, 2011

4:02pm lebkuchen

12-15 lebkuchen
When Serious Eats posted about these lebkuchens by NYC based Leckerlee, it went on my immediate MUST buy list. Lebkuchens which surface around Christmas time have been a favorite of my mothers (and mine) for ages, even though we have no obvious ties to Germany. I think we bought a pack of these which you can find in many gourmet-ish markets, and got hooked. Naturally, I was excited to try a real bakery baked one.  Even though it might be a bit sweeter than I'd like, these are pretty amazing, and worth seeking if you like spicy gingerbread. The very distinct cake texture (dense yet airy and chewy - combined with the communion wafer like bottom) and spiciness of lebkuchens are all heightened in Leckerlee's version, and is a pleasure to eat.  They won't be around for long, so go find them fast!

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