Tuesday, December 6, 2011

4:31pm pineapple cake from Taiwan

12-06 pineapple
I'm not sure I "get" the big fuss about pineapple cakes in Taiwan.Well apparently it's a big fuss, and people take their pineapple cakes very seriously. I just don't find them all that exciting. It's not something I would have returned from a gastro-culinary experience to Taiwan raving about. And mostly I think it has to do with the shortcake portion; at least from the one's I've tried (which are apparently some of the good ones) they border on dry and bland. But I'm also prone to believing that if I don't like something a mass of people go crazy for in a far away land, it's probably my taste buds at fault for not having developed the palate for it.  Either way, these cakes from Sunny Hills are very much the rage right now, and indeed the pineapple filling is nice and fruity without being overly sweet.

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