Friday, February 17, 2012

4:35pm chocolate creme brule cake

02-17 chocolate creme brule cake
One of the greatest office traditions, in my mind, is birthday cake. It's not just for the birthday girl or boy, but us! The office mates! That is especially true when it's a chocolate creme brule cake from Almondine. The rich denseness of the chocolate cake relieved only by moments of creme brule that reminded me of that lovely vanilla pudding found in cream puffs. Happy Birthday K-Ku!
Almondine Bakery, 85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (btwn bridges)


Michael Kenji said...
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Michael Kenji said...

Well I have to agree on the part where you said that Cakes are not just for the one who will receive it, but also for the people around. Cake is for sharing :)

Thanks for the share!

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