Tuesday, February 7, 2012


20-07 Depana 2
Even for people who preach the virtues of taking time to sit down for a proper lunch (us), must turn against our own words from time to time, or at least in part. We had exactly 15minutes today, but we did still wanted to get out of the office and sit elsewhere, so it basically left us no choice but to visit Despaña. We make it sound like a last resort, but some would be lucky to have somewhere like Despaña as their best option, so by no means is this a complaint. I tried a different warm pressed bocadillo (sandwich) today - the Gallego which consisted of slices of serrano ham, chorizon, and arzua ulloa cheese, lonchas de jamon serrano, chorizon y queso arzua ulloa. Mighty tasty despite our frenzied brains.
Despana, 408 Broome St., NY, NY 10013 (btwn Lafayette and Cleveland Pl) 

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