Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Na Thai, with friends

02-14 Na Thai
You would think as doyens of the downtown lunch, we could successfully arrange a group meal but today marks the second time we have failed at this simple task. Scott and I both independently thought of Miss Lily's, AND their website says they serve lunch, but they don't. Sandwiches can be found at the juice bar around the corner, but not seating for the 5 of us. We tried Na Thai next door, where the incredibly affordable $8 lunch special (1 appetizer and 1 entree!) almost made up for the over-sweetened dishes. I did enjoy the fried shrimp dumplings and M. thought the papaya salad was pretty straight up. It's not the best Thai food out there, but at $8 for a 2-course meal? That's a good deal.
Na Thai, 138 W. Houston St, NY, NY 10012 (btwn Sullivan and Thompson)

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