Friday, March 30, 2012

3:30pm cream puff

03-30 cream puff
The other morning I had a scare when I walked by Panade and couldn't find it, but fortunately cream puff makers take Mondays off. Here are some thoughts we leave you with to keep you company tomorrow when it's cold and rainy:

I saw this on kottke so chances are everyone else has as well, but I love that this guy finds redemption in dressing in full on Batman gear, with car, and visiting sick children.

A classmate of ours built this website, tool really, for improving vocabulary. If you like words, it's addictive.

M. and I walk practically everywhere we can, but clearly it's a problem of our cities and culture. How else to explain that Americans are first in obesity and last in everyday exercise?

If you haven't read Robert Walser, his Berlin Stories is a really great place to start. They were written in when he lived there in the early 1900s although some of his descriptions could be from the Berlin of today.

And finally, good luck tonight!

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