Friday, March 9, 2012

3:39pm oatmeal raisin cookies

03-09 oatmeal raisin cookies
Happy weekend! Some tidbits we've been thinking about to tide you over the long 2 days without our daily lunch updates:

It's Day 5 in The Wire Smacketology, I like how it's perfectly clear that Omar (even Obama thinks so) will win over Avon, but between McNulty and Stringer Bell? It's anyone's guess.

Did you know that USPS will pick up packages for free? If they're priority mail, express mail or select return labels, you can go online and in 30 seconds, request a free pickup. This changed my life.

We have no idea what this architectural competition is about, but the winning images are delightful.

NY Mag may think mantyhose are happening, but we are not fans.

Have you heard of Saint Pierre and Miquelon? They're proper French colonies, but close than a flight across the Atlantic, they're right off the Nova Scotia coast. Looks intriguing.

See you on Monday!

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