Thursday, March 15, 2012

4:17pm creme donut

03-15 donut
I don't know how if there is a limit to how much love I can show this donut, but I certainly do feel as though I might be running out of words for it; at least without digging deep into my soul. It's just a gorgeous donut, clear and simple. And please, there is no guarantee that you too will feel this way, if you try another variety of donut from The Donut Pub (the glazed for instance - which is fine but the glaze too sweet). But if you disagree with me upon having the creme (the custard/bavarian type), then you are crazy, or perhaps we just can't be friends.
The Donut Pub, 203 W.14th St, NY, NY 10011 (near 7th Ave)

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