Friday, March 16, 2012

4:40pm strawberry tart

03-16 strawbery tart
We're still in a bit of daze from our lunch encounter but here are some links to move you through the weekend without us:

It's awesome that the newly reopened Acme received 2 stars from the NY Times but oh why couldn't they change the name and facade so we wouldn't be reminded of the old rough and dirty cajun departed from us a year now.

I can't look at timelapse ISS videos of the Earth because they are so breathtakingly beautiful it makes me want to leave this life for a life of travel to far flung places of mysterious wonder.

Gaelle Villedary runs 1,400 feet of a thin grass carpet in a continuous line through the town of Jaujac, oh so prettily.

We have a buy-a-book policy every time we happen across an independent bookstore. Today I bought two at Crawford Doyle - All Passion Spent and A Pocket Guide to Vietnam 1962, intended as a crash course for GI's headed over.

And finally we leave you with an animated gif of Elmo, because as Shawn in Harvest's weekly roundup says: You know you love it.

Have a great green weekend!

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