Friday, April 20, 2012

4:21pm fruit danish

12-20 danish
Jae brought in a bunch of goodies from Almondine this mornings. I don't know what the occasion was, but it was sure appreciated!

I don't know what's been going on these past several weeks but we are all amok! Maybe a restorative weekend being rained upon will reset our clocks. In the meanwhile, thoughts to keep you company until Monday:

For a wet weather activity, try building a memory palace to store random numbers, names of people you meet or for card counting. The possibilities are endless. I want to try.

Have you seen this already? We love books and we love art so when art uses books, especially with such poetic waterfall imagery, it's instant love.

Going to Pittsburgh any time soon? Go check out our friend, Stephen's work, newly installed at our alma mater in the College of Fine Arts.

Baboons can read? That's right, That's Incredible.

Sadly it doesn't surprise me that bad urban design could make people lonelier.

And so as not to end on something of a depressing note, looking at Natsumi Hayashi's levitating photos is guaranteed to make you happy again. Have a lovely and peaceful weekend, whatever you might be reading.


Jim said...

Awesome been reading forever and never realized you all spent time at CMU

Front Studio said...

Yep! and we looove Pittsburgh and have an office there as well!