Friday, April 27, 2012

4:22pm donut

04-27 donut
I can think of no better thing to leave you with this bright but cold Friday than a picture of  Peter Pan donut and some bits and bobs from the interwebs:

Did you know that the 4, 5 and 6 line on Lexington Ave averages 1.7 million riders a day? Making that one line the busiest transit line on the continent!

The New Yorker's Questioningly twitter game asked what word readers would eliminate from the dictionary. It is not "moist" as many voted for, but "slacks". That's ok with me, I prefer dresses anyway.

It does seem like technology is making less and less time for real face-to-face conversations. No wonder we love having lunch with friends.

The best part about our friend Maggie's subway shots is her commentary.

That's it! Tonight I'll be dining at the NoMad Hotel restaurant with some friends, while M. will be munching at a table of Norwegians. Have a fantastic weekend.

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