Friday, May 11, 2012

4:10pm baby mangoes

05-11 mini mangos

We're having one of those Fridays where the only type of concentration we're capable of is the mindless kind. Good thing the weekend is nigh.

For the past week or so we've been seeing these small miniaturized mango's at the Chinatown fruit stands. They're similar in taste and texture to champagne mangoes or ataulfo mangos, but seriously half the size, maybe 3 inches tops. They're itty bitty! Anyone know what they're called?
We want to go to Texas. Imagine walking in Yasuaki Onishi's installation at the Rice Gallery, it would feel like you were in the inside of a rain cloud.

Exciting news from our friends at Specht Harpman, their coffee lid collection is going in The Smithsonian! 

Did you know that in addition to our passion for donuts and kimchi (although not necessarily together), we are also quite addicted to gummy bears? Which makes us super heart love Jason Freeny's scientific anatomy charts of gummy bears and other inanimate objects.

There is a new nuoc mam (fish sauce) that is all the rage among the Vietnamese community here, it's several times more expensive than ordinary fish sauce, but the purity of Red Boat's extra virgin fish sauce is in a class by itself.

Happy weekend lovers of food!

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