Friday, May 25, 2012

4:15pm doughnuts

12-25 peanut butter and jelly doughnut
The sun came out just in time to herald the procession of horns making their way out the Holland Tunnel on Broome. It's official, summer time! Bring on the beach, we are ready.

This week we've been obsessed about trash, including pneumatic systems like the one they have installed on Roosevelt Island.

Have you seen Shay Aaron's miniature food sculptures? They are stunning. And tiny. Stunningly tiny.

We like how John Scalzi tries to describe the privilege of straight white men in our society as starting out on the lowest difficulty setting in role playing games.

Some lunch time humor from Pret a Manger USA.

The weather has been in constant state of flux this past week, I got caught inadequately prepared in downpours more than once so hopefully the sun will hold out for a beach day tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day!

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