Thursday, May 31, 2012

5:25pm peanut butter cup

05-31 Justin's pb cup
The nicest thing happened the other week. We posted about Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups and they followed up offering to send us more cups to make sure we were eating the freshest possible ones. Not to be greedy, I asked for one package of 2 cups for M and I and one package of 2 cups for our lovely friend over at CPB Gallery. A couple days later a box shows up. Inside are two full containers, one of a dozen milk chocolate and one of dark. The office mates were informed and I swear to you the entire contents were gone in less than an hour. Good thing we grabbed 2 for ourselves beforehand! Justin's Nut Butter,  we heart you here on Lafayette St.


Saha said...

What, no donuts on national donut day!? I'm hoping you guys will see if you agree with the Guardian's assessment of the best donut in NYC:

Front Studio said...

@Saha - how can you comment on May 31st about a holiday on June 1st. Aha, I see you were reading a UK based post! Mind the time change!