Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Locanda Verde, with Mags and David

05-16 Locanda Verde
05-16 Locanda Verde
We had an indulgent two hour lunch today at Locanda Verde with some very close friends to celebrate life events. After a champagne cork pop, we told the waiter we'd take one each of the antipasti (appetizers) except for the ricotta and the salad, one pasta, one secondi and all three contorni (side dishes). After he adjusted a bit for some gluten intolerance, he furthered advised us to definitely order the ricotta (he was right), drop the grandmother's ravioli (too boring) for a recently debuted spaghetti and try the roasted chicken instead of the sea scallops. I'm glad we listened, it was a beautiful meal, perfect for feting life events.
Locande Verde, 377 Greenwich St, NY, NY 10013 (at N. Moore)

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