Friday, June 1, 2012

3:50pm doughnuts

06-01 donuts
Today is a National "Fill in the Blank FOOD ITEM" day worth celebrating, National Doughnut Day! M. picked us up two stellar ones from the Donut Pub and we leave you with doughnut-centric links this cool Friday afternoon:

I have not tried a doughnut burger, but apparently it does exist, it's a thing. Has anyone had one and lived to tell the tale?

Huffington Post with the quick recap of where you can find a free doughnut in honor of this great and wonderous day.

Of course no doughnut celebration is complete without a list of the most unusual Dunkin Donut flavors around the world. Of course there is a kimchi donut.

If that's too scary for you, try this slideshow of what other people in other countries call donuts.

And now if you're sufficiently grossed out, we wish you a merry weekend.

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