Friday, June 8, 2012

3:50pm sticky bun

06-08 pecan bun
This morning I snagged a sticky bun from Oro, couldn't finish it for breakfast and saved it for afternoon dessert instead. Perfect. Summertime is upon us, I am so happy to wear sundresses and flip flops. We leave you with images of ocean waves crashing on sandy shores.

The Underground NYPL tumblr from the NY Public Library makes me feel like everyone is always reading everywhere, and that's a nice thing.

Have you supported some architecture lately? Check our friend Huy's Plant-In City installation on kickstarter. He could use your $5 or $500 for which you could get your own custom plant landscape structure. I want one.

Not gummy bears, but soap gummy bears! So completely adorable I can't even describe.

This cowbird story is one of those that makes you say aaw isn't life just so beautiful.

And so we leave you in optimism. Happy weekending!

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