Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4:01pm cinna-dinks

06-20 cinna-dinks
We've walked by this place a few times, and it's always been pretty empty, but we've peered in with ample curiosity. What is a Dinkie? Our questions were answered in the always insightful post on Serious Eats. And we knew we had to try, immediately. When we walked in, we were and remained the only ones there, and the process took an extremely long time. While we sat in some chairs, the guy at the register was staring off into space, and a guy behind curtains in the kitchen was seen browsing on his phone. Who was working on our order? It turns out there was a third person we couldn't see. Regardless, the cinna-dinks were warm and had that enticing/nauseating cinnabon smell and it tasted equally intriguing. They come 8 to an order, but we wish you could get a mixed batch to try out some of the others, but at that snail pace, I'm not at all hopeful.
118 Baxter Street, New York, NY 10013 (btwn Grand and Canal)


mary said...

You can mix and match, all you had to do was ask. A few yelp regulars/reviewers mix & matches all the time. It takes around 5-8 minutes per order cause they are made fresh every time. I love this place, maybe if you give it another chance you would love it to.

Front Studio said...

@mary - Don't get us wrong, we did really like it! But it's probably a little expensive for the neighborhood, and takes too long for us to pick up for the office on the way back.