Friday, June 15, 2012

6:10pm lemon meringue cake

06-15 lemon meringe cake
Right now I would much rather be hitchhiking my way across America like John Waters. M. and I decided we would do it in our 70s because who would refuse two little old biddies like we will be in another several decades?

Can someone please invite us to a meal with Francis Lam and Eddie Huang? Those guys crack me up, but together? Sheer hilarity.

How beautiful does Yakoi Kusama's Fireflies on the Water look? Time to head back to the Whitney. (thx @kathrynyu)

The German collective, Urbanscreen, made an amazing illusion happen with light at the Sydney Opera House, you have to watch the video. It makes M. and I dream about designing rippling buildings. Frank Gehry should look into these guys up.

Finally we leave you with this beautiful poem that starts, come love let us sit together, found via our local bookseller, as he puts it: Wiman with hints of Mandelstam.

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