Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4:52pm yogurt and fruit

07-31 yogurt
To continue on from my healthy lunch - it's peach season, and the ones from the farmer's markets are delicious just now. They are generally smaller and sweeter than anything you can buy in the supermarkets. Be patient until it gets ripe, and the silky texture only a peach can yield is the reward. I paired it with whole milk lemon yogurt from Hawthorne Valley Farm. It's not as good as the discontinued cream on top lemon yogurt from Brown Cow (I absolutely lost my s%*t when I realized they stopped making it). I'd just like to add that while I have no ill feelings towards naturally low fat foods, or food that has been prepared healthily, I absolutely object to things that have been made "low fat". Yogurt would be one of those things. I tried the 0% Fage greek yogurt recently (because I was curious and heard it was good), and thought the texture was awful! Am I the only one? You're not supposed to eat a quart of yogurt in one sitting, so enjoy the real thing!!!
Union Square Greenmarket, Broadway btwn East 14th and 17th Streets, New York, NY 

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