Monday, July 30, 2012

Soba Totto

07-30 Soba Totto
I recently realized that Soba Totto was nearby one of my projects. How convenient! I've been wanting to try it. I decided to stop by on my way back to the office and while it didn't yield the quick lunch I should have had, I had a leisurely, very well rounded and perhaps too filling of a lunch. Their lunch sets are not cheap, but for the amount of food you get, I don't think anyone would complain. I went for the "Aji no Hiraki Teishoku", grilled horse mackerel (literal translation open-faced mackerel set menu), which came with a starter salad, Japanese potato salad, cabbage salad and pasta salad with the fish, pickles, rice and a choice of warm or cold soba. I'm still rather full, but very happy.
Soba Totto, 211 East 43rd Street, NY, NY 10017 (btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenues)

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