Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hon Wong

08-15 Ho Wong
After reading ChiChi's wonderful post on Serious Eats, we were both charmed by the story and hopeful that we had found a replacement for our beloved and long departed Fu Kee, our go to spot for decent (albeit nothing special) cheap and quick Chinese lunch. Short on time today, we headed to Hon Wong for a quick lunch and didn't realize how complicated it would turn out to order the right thing. My soup noodle with fishballs and "rice noodle" (the waitress didn't ask me which kind), came out with mai fun (thin vermicelli style), which in my opinion is no good unless stir fried, and Y's beef chow fun (and she specified chow fun) also came out with mai fun instead of ho fun (wide parpadelle style). Hmm, they must have really not wanted us to eat their supposedly delicious rice noodles. I would certainly make another attempt, but either way, we were disappointed with our experience today.
Hon Wong, 44 Canal Street, NY, NY 10013 (btwn Lafayette and Centre)

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Mike.Winston said...

Unfortunately, I have to agree. This is the one place I've eaten at that I have not enjoyed. In fact, I found my meal to be bad to the point of inedible, and it takes quite a lot for me to not want to eat a dish.