Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Water Street Restaurant, with O.

66 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Rating: 7 - Offended
Visit #: 1
In brief: Rare indeed to have such a non redeeming meal, but this is one such place.
08-28 Water St Bar
M. is obliging me in this last week before Labor Day by taking a long lunch in Dumbo with an old friend. Neither Gran Electrica nor Governor serve the midday crowd, so we thought Almondine, a safe and tasty bet, but they're closed for the week. The bar across the street said southern cooking but it anything but. The friend was good, the weather perfect, but the food pretty pathetic. I knew when the fried deviled eggs came out, sad and poorly plated, that lunch would be a terrible affair. We left our plates virtually untouched and tried to satiate empty stomachs at a Fun Buns truck nearby, but even that was not enough to get rid of the lingering effects of a bad meal.

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Andrew in Alabama said...

I've lived in the South nearly my whole life, and goodness knows we will fry just about any darned thang (I am particularly fond of fried dill pickle slices) but I must admit that I have never heard of fried deviled eggs until I read your post today.