Thursday, September 6, 2012


8 W. 18th St, NY, NY 10011

Rating: 2 - Super Happy
Visit #: 1
In brief: Be prepared to spend at least $20 for lunch, but also be prepared to be completely satiated on delicious, generously adorned, lunch sets.
09-06 Ootoya
I was super pleased to hear that Ootoya, a Japanese chain restaurant had openend up near my apartment. Granted, I'd never been to one, nor had I heard of it, but nevertheless the menu looked like it was one of those places that one can go casually, especially when you're not going out for sushi (yes, there is more to Japanese food than sushi and ramen).  I was surprised to see such a fancy interior, and a big lunch crowd. D and I were a 2-top and were able to squeeze in at the bar but the group of 3 in front of us was told there'd be a 30 minute wait. Either way, I wouldn't say the I was particularly impressed with the food, but then again I did order my go-to comfort dish of grilled mackerel which in it of itself is tasty but rarely remarkable. So I wouldn't hold that against them. I look forward to going back to try some other things like the hamburg however.

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