Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cocoron, with Hong, Stephanie and Leslie

37 Kenmare St, NY, NY 100012

Rating: 1 - Wonderful
Visit #: 11
In brief: A wide array of sobas, cold, dipping, hot, warm, everything. I am partial to the cold dipping ones but almost everything we've had is wonderful.
10-03 Cocoron
An all ladies lunch today, starting with my sister and her friend Stephanie and then randomly expanding to include Leslie whom I just happened to meet this past weekend at a birthday party and who happened to walk in alone as we were sitting down. There is much excitement locally about the expansion of Cocoron on Kenmare, finally we can have lunch in numbers larger than two, which also means we can order appetizers to taste. And after reading Serious Eat's post, we got two orders of the silky tofu to share. I love the ritual of this dish, adding the little bits and bobs, a dash of soy sauce and scooping up all the textures and tastes in a wooden spoon.

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