Friday, December 7, 2012

Antojeria La Popular, with Greg & Hong

12-06 Antojeria La Popular
12-06 Antojeria La Popular
One day there was nothing below the nail salon on Spring St, and the next day I noticed some striking decor and the word TAPAS everywhere. The name, Antojeria La Popular, is unwieldy and the logo difficult to decipher, but the interior is inviting and the menu features an array of little plates from ceviche to vegetarian, seafood and meat tostadas. The ceviche course was all lime with a touch of fish, the seafood course our favorite and the meat ones ordinary, even the cricket tostada that Greg tried. Dessert is included in the lunch prix fixe but popsicles, no matter how refreshing, are a little too chilly for me on a winter's day.


Andrew in Alabama said...

Interested and intrigued by the appearance of insects on the menu. (Are crickets technically insects?)

Bugs (that's a better word) are a very sustainable, cheap, and easy way of providing protein to humans and other mammals. I hope that this type of thing becomes more of an acceptable protein as time goes by. We simply can't continue to feed the world on beef, chicken, pork, and fish.

What was the review of the cricket tostada, and was the eater a first-timer or someone who had tried bugs before?

Front Studio said...

I have never thought of bugs from a sustainable point of view but I like it. Greg has had crickets before, I think he said in China, and found these meh. I was not surprised as the overall experience was ok bordering on meh. I once had delicious crickets at La Esquina nearby but I don't know if they still have them.