Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maysville, with Hong

01-16 Maysville
Thu's friend Heidi is interning with the pastry chef at Maysville and since it's around the corner, we couldn't not try. The same people who brought you Char No 4 in the BK, Maysville could be the more grown-up and responsible sibling. Though the tables are bare of table cloths and the servers in dressed in casual plaid, there are touches of formality and thoughtfulness in their service. We waited a little longer than normal for our shared meal of a pulled pork sandwich, a fish sandwich and kale salad, but when the sandwiches came cut in equal thirds, I forgave them any infractions. Thu had said the meal is really salty, and at first it did not seem so. The sandwiches were very good and the kale salad even nicer, but by the end an accumulated saltiness had set in.
Maysville, 17 W. 26th St, NY, NY 10010 (btwn Broadway and 6th Ave)

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