Thursday, March 28, 2013

4:10pm mini chocolate cupcakes

03-28 cupcakes
We are clearly not the only ones balking at $2 for one mini itsy bitsy chocolate covered cupcake because the girl behind the counter checked with us before putting two in a bag. What a fantastic racket! Why didn't we think of this before? It's been 4 years since the first little opening appeared in a wall on Spring St in Soho and now Baked by Melissa counts 8 other NYC locations, with a couple more coming. It's a fabulous concept, capitalizing on the cupcake craze but with a twist. It's a uniquely packaged, tight assembly and it appears to be growing.
Baked by Melissa, 111 E. 23rd St, NY, NY 10010 (near Park Ave S)

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