Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5:02pm cookie

03-27 cookie
I almost never go to Starbucks, with a few exceptions. In foreign land where it's the only or reasonable place around to have a seat and have coffee, or when someone else with me offers to patronize Starbucks. I'm not one to enforce my own peculiarities/principles onto other parties. So you can guess these cookies were a gift. A sweet gift in fact. And I'll even admit the cookies are rather nice.

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Anonymous said...

Is your issue with Starbucks more that they don't discriminate on any gender or racial basis during hiring, or more that they pay a living wage plus benefits to all employees including coffee growers...?

Or do you ignore that and prefer "indie" coffee places that use slave labor coffee and won't hire trans* people?

Or was "principles" maybe a silly word here.