Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Choza Taqueria

04-10 Choza Taqueria
We are deep in the midst of planning some future projects, which is basically a never-ending conversation about what this city needs/wants/is missing. Today we walked and talked our way over to Choza Taqueria, and then proceeded to be completely amazed about the percentage of blue oxford shirt wearing guys frequenting the little taqueria. I mean, seriously, amazed. At any given time, at least half the people waiting in line were guys in some variation of a blue button up. We both had bowls, there were reasonably good, nothing ooh aah sis boom bah, but good enough to return for.
Choza Taqueria, 66 Madison Ave, NY, NY 10016 (btwn 27th and 28th)

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Mike.Winston said...

Have you tried their Chorizo Breakfast Tacos yet? I think they are some of the best in NYC.