Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rosa Mexicano, with Julia

9 E. 18th St, NY, NY 10003

Rating: 7 - Offended
Visit #: 1
In brief: Poor, poor and poorer service. Food is ok if you can bear being ignored the whole meal.
04-16 Rosa Mexicana
I couldn't bear to write about the mundaneness of lunching yesterday, Boston was too much in our minds, on the news, on the internet. But here, a brief synopsis of lunch at Rosa Mexicano with a dear old friend, Julia, who is (hopefully) temporarily relocating to Berlin. We ordered the rapidos lunch special, which was not even remotely rapidos. It took forever to get any service, and each time we almost had to shout across the half empty dining room. They paid no attention to our waving hands, asking, begging for service. We very much enjoyed the actual food itself, the rapidos lunch special is like a pretty bento box of Mexican treats. As much as we'd go back for that, I'm not sure either of us could bear such horrendous service again.

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