Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bibimbap Backpackers

05-22 Pajeon
05-22 Japchae
05-22 Bibimbap
In a total space cadet move, I canceled a lunch with some friends because I had a 1:00pm call but this morning Tia wrote to remind us about the Bibimbap Backpackers event we had agreed to go to. Well I guess it's lucky I canceled lunch with my other friends since apparently I already had lunch plans that I had completely forgotten about. Bibimbap Backpackers is a group of young people traveling around the world to introduce and demystify Korean food, particularly bibimbap. Well I'm down with that mission. We had pajeon (pancake), japchae (glass noodles), fried mandu (dumplings) and the piece de resistance - make your own bibimbap! Super fun because they put out a table's worth of ingredients and you could put whatever you wanted on the rise, which for Gordon and I, was pretty much everything there. A tasty lunch.
Bibimbap Backpackers, hosted at Take31, 15 E. 31st St, NY, NY 10016

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