Tuesday, May 21, 2013


680 Sixth Ave, NY, NY 10010

Rating: 4 - Just Fine
Visit #: 1
In brief: The salad bowl always tastes precisely the same no matter who makes it or where. I like that. Also fast, they're fast here.
05-21 Chipotle
I am causing all sorts of lunch travesties today - having a salad from a chain, at my desk while talking to Pittsburgh via skype. I think my brain was addled from the hour or more I just spent in a moldy doctor's office that we're going to renovate into a religious sanctuary. Great challenge I know! The space has been abandoned since October and is a warren of rooms, layers of ceiling peeling off, debris and leftover equipment scattered throughout. I needed all that salad and tart tomato to clear out the stale air clogging my lungs.

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